Sarah WagnerCTO and Programmer

Areas of expertise
  • Expert at PHP
  • Systems Analysis
  • Expert at Android
  • Expert at C & C++
  • Expert at JavaScript
  • Mobile Applications
  • Senior Ai-Mit App Developer
  • Expert at SQR-AI02 platform
  • Bitcoin and ICO Research & Development
  • 5 papers approved at the University of Georgia
  • Bachelor of IT at Technical University of Munich.
  • Master of smart systems at Technical University of Munich.
  • Master of Artificial Intelligence at MIT
  • Creator of Ai-Mit

My name is Sarah. I became interested in software and computer since I was 14. I wrote my first educational software at 16, and then I designed more than 15 games and app and Android software. I worked for big companies and projects and I teaching more than 7 programming languages. The Mit-ra project is one of the hardest and most humane projects that make great changes in quality of drink water.

The basic idea of Ai-Mit software is from a dream. A world in which all people in all countries enjoyed high quality and healthy water. Nobody didn’t suffer from illness and death due to shortages and diseases. The world that was managed and analyzed by Ai-Mit artificial intelligence software.

The Blockchain help us to produce freshwater with color, taste and constant quality in these seven countries with the standards of the day and a completely identical price. Mit-ra has methodically developed a proven technology in water treatment and sterilization and is now commercializing this technology. Markets are easily defined and continually growing, with substantial revenues projected. The company can construct and operate water recycling, drinking water. Desalination and water sterilization much more cost-effectively than comparable companies or technologies, with an average profit margin of 75 to 100%.

The company’s mission: “to own the best water treatment process in the world” is a lofty goal that Mit-ra management feels it recently attained. The near future will determine how Mit-ra is best able to succeed with this accomplished goal.

Contact details

Abdullah Omran Taryam St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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