Mariam NufalProgrammer

Areas of expertise
  • Expert at PHP
  • Systems Analysis
  • Databases architect
  • Expert at CSS & C++
  • Oracle ADF/Java Developer
  • Expert at SQR-AI02 platform
  • Outsystems Associate Web Developer
  • Software Engineer Ai-Mit App Developer
  • Bitcoin and ICO Research & Development
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Information Technology Engineering at Damascus University
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Engineering at Al Ahliyya Amman University
  • Software Engineer of Ai-Mit software

Hi my name is Mariam. I’m 28. All my life is summarized in numbers, figures and design modules. I love new challenges and experiences. I have more than 13 projects in China, Japan, Russia, India and the UAE in mu CV.

In my opinion, Blockchain technology is the most complex and, at the same time, the fastest human achievement. In this game, if you don’t have a daily study, you’re a loser. The Mit-ra project is one of the most innovative, most lucrative businesses built on the Blockchain platform and for the salvation of human.

The Blockchain help us to produce freshwater with color, taste and constant quality in these seven countries with the standards of the day and a completely identical price. Mit-ra has methodically developed a proven technology in water treatment and sterilization and is now commercializing this technology. Markets are easily defined and continually growing, with substantial revenues projected. The company can construct and operate water recycling, drinking water. Desalination and water sterilization much more cost-effectively than comparable companies or technologies, with an average profit margin of 75 to 100%.

The company’s mission: “to own the best water treatment process in the world” is a lofty goal that Mit-ra management feels it recently attained. The near future will determine how Mit-ra is best able to succeed with this accomplished goal.

Contact details

Abdullah Omran Taryam St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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