Jeremy CuddyCCO and CFO

Areas of expertise
  • BitCoin and ICO Research & Development
  • Financial Analysis and Accounting
  • Analysis of multi modal charts
  • Analysis of technical charts
  • Design financial guidelines
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Public Speaking
  • Bachelor’s degree Field of Study Finance and Financial Management Services at Boston university
  • Master’s degree Field of Study Finance and Financial Management Services at university of Melbourne
  • Provide two Financial Intelligence Papers at the University of Oxford

My name is Jeremy. Interested in math and multivariate analysis. In my opinion, mathematics is language of human. A completely logical language that has an absolute output. I studied accounting and financial management in University of Melbourne. I have been working for many companies and projects for 6 years. I have been successful with creative startups and for some time been a stock broker. My job in Mit-ra industries is to analyze sales graphs, plan for monetization and guarantee the success of the project.

More than 200 pages of financial analysis, business plan, advertising program, sales strategy and 8 steps to earn money is the success key of Mit-ra Industries. Safe water related businesses will be among the top 5 global businesses in the next 20 years.

The Blockchain help us to produce freshwater with color, taste and constant quality in these seven countries with the standards of the day and a completely identical price. Mit-ra has methodically developed a proven technology in water treatment and sterilization and is now commercializing this technology. Markets are easily defined and continually growing, with substantial revenues projected. The company can construct and operate water recycling, drinking water. Desalination and water sterilization much more cost-effectively than comparable companies or technologies, with an average profit margin of 75 to 100%.

The company’s mission: “to own the best water treatment process in the world” is a lofty goal that Mit-ra management feels it recently attained. The near future will determine how Mit-ra is best able to succeed with this accomplished goal.

Contact details

Abdullah Omran Taryam St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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