Mit-Ra Industries

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Total raised


MTA price
$1 million
$4 million

Perpetual Profit

Pay annual profit
to primary investors

Safe assurance

Guaranteed in the NBD bank
& contract with ER Mine

Worthwhile goal

Solve the water crisis
in 7 populous countries

Ethereum Platform

Use smart contract written in the Solidity language

is not a joke

only 2.5% of the Earth’s surface water is drinkable and usable that Two-thirds of this amount is also in the Arctic ice and is unavailable. The most important concern by 2030 is the crisis of drought & water shortage. It is evident that one of the most lucrative and creative business areas is to produce drinking water and pay attention to improving environmental conditions.
  • 1.8B people need drinking water
  • 7countries with the water crisis
  • All 7countries have access to sea
  • Helping to save the environment
  • Water is the fourth future trading
  • Most profitable business by 2030
Our Mission

The Most Profitable Business

Mit-ra Industries is the first creative project of the UnitedHealth Group in the area of converting Non-drinkable water into fresh water. The research team, the economic and environmental analysis of the considered countries have begun to work under surveillance of the Georgia University of America since August 2015.

No irreversible energies in this project. We want to launch freshwater refinement and sale sites in more than 700 cities around the world that face the problem of water scarcity.

safe water cost

Average safe water cost USD/ cubic meters In 7 countries. the fixed selling price of refined water at Mit-ra sites is $100 /M3

Operating costs

 Operating costs per M3
Net Profit per cubic meter = $80

(Return to reserve fund per 4 week)
Why Blockchain?

We created Ai-Mit

Ai-Mit is a unique and exclusive software developed by the Technical team at the University of Georgia to analyze and evaluate the quality of treated water at any of the Mitra sites.  Ai-Mit is used as the core controller running on a LINUX kernel.

we can produce water in the world with a high level of quality and consistency, according to ISO14046:2014 standard. 


cost forecast

  • Land: $600000

  • Construction: $300000

  • Machinery: $350000

  • foundation: $150000

  • Material: $110000

  • R & D: $100000

  • marketing: $200000

  • Save system: $190000

cost forecast for launching each sites

use of proceeds

  • Mit-ra Site Production Cost: 14M Tokens

  • Marketing & Business Development: 2M Tokens

  • Mitra U$D Reserve: 2M Tokens

  • Software development: 1.2M Tokens

  • Legal Expenses: 0.8M Tokens

Average use of proceeds each sites in 7 countries and 14 cities
Vision and Mission

Join us to Change the World

Mit-ra station is set up in a 600 meters wide area.
we use 5 exclusive patents & more than 50 modern &  industrial devices.
We created Ai-Mit software on SQR-AI02 artificial intelligence.


Cost of launching each site


Sites in 7 countries ( Final stage )


Bankrolled by Emirates NBD


Estimated annual profit per share

1 MTA token price

0.1 USD

ICO Hardcap


Token prices

Potential Value of Token / U$D

Total Market (Billion)

Total Token Market Value (350M token)


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Partners & Certificates

UnitedHealth Group
University of Georgia College of Environment and Design
ISO 9001-14001
Boll&Kirch Company
National Science Foundation (NSF)
JAMINT International
OHSAS 18001
MLG blockchain
Water Quality Association (WQA)
ICO crowd
Token Sale

How to Buy MTA Tokens

Start Crowdsale: September 1, 2018
Hard cap: $24m
Soft cap: $8m
Token: MTA
Exchange rate: 1 MTA = 0.1 U$D
Project protocol: ERC20

Payment Methods

Purchase steps :

  1. Login to the site
  2. Read the Whitepaper
  3. Complete your profile
  4. Enter your wallet address (ERC20)
  5. Choose payment type
  6. Complete the process
  7. MTA will be transferred to your account.
Tokens Structure

Allocation of 350M tokens

The Mit-ra Industries plans to attract investments via the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) method, by issuing its own tokens (MTA) with a limited emission. Corresponding to a widely accepted standard, ERC20. After the ICO, no coins will be issued, so any inflation is ruled out. The token will use a smart contract written in the Solidity language.

  • 280M Tokens : ICO investor

  • 30M Tokens: Team & Advisors

  • 20M Tokens : Marketing

  • 20M Tokens : Founders

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